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Partial Listing of Services

Same Day Appointments (in most cases)

Fall Prevention Program - Avoid Falls, Fracture, Hospitalization - Maintain Confident Activity and Mobility!

Laser Treatment for Fungal Toenails - Get Rid of your Ugly Nail Fungus without Toxic Oral Medication - Wear Sandals Confidently!

Ingrown Toenails - Simple, Permanent Correction performed in Office

Heel Pain / Plantar Fasciitis - Stop the Pain by Growing New Ligament with Injectable Growth Factors, PRP and Stem Cells!

Ankle Arthritis - Stop the Pain by Growing New Cartilage with Injectable Growth Factors, PRP and Stem Cells!

Sprained Ankle - Return to Activity Quickly with no-surgery Ligament Repair using Injectable Growth Factors, PRP and Stem Cells!

Painful Bunion (Big Toe) - Realignment and Joint Resurfacing by Growing your own New Cartilage - Wear Shoes Comfortably!

Foot Fracture Repair - Board Certified in Foot Surgery

Painful Hammertoe - Surgical Correction - Wear Shoes Comfortably Again!

Reconstructive Foot Surgery - VIrtually No Pain for up to 3 Days after procedure with On-Q Device. Minimizes post operative nausea by lessening the use of anesthesia and stomach irritating narcotics.

Ugly Spider Veins - Get rid of them with new Medical Food! 

Painful Varicose Veins - Treat them with Sclerotherapy and Keep Them Away!

Traveller's Foot and Ankle Medicine - Simple Test determines your risk of Life Threatening Blood Clots in Your Legs!

Aesthetic Foot Procedures - Toe Realignment, Sculptra and Collagen Fillers for Fat Pad Rejuvination, Scar Revision, Sun Damaged Skin Repair

In Office Radiology and Ultrasound Imaging